Keep It Simple with Scapa Exafit® Flexographic Plate Mounting Tapes

Would you like:

    Exafit Tapes
  • Unwavering contrast and color density with reduced dot gain on your long and fast print runs?
  • A plate mounting tape that performs well over a broader range of printing variables?
  • To shrink your plate mounting tape inventory?
  • To minimize press downtime and maximize speed?

Likely, the answer is yes. After all, your business’ profitability depends on it.

The Power of a Simple Solution

Because plate-mounting tape is the least of so many variables, it should be as simple as possible to choose the right one. Despite that, the number of permutations of tape foam densities, adhesive characteristics, and liners available in the marketplace continues to multiply.

Cartoon of fellow in the desert reaching a water stand with too many choices of types of water

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated"  — Confucius

Your job is already complicated enough, so we offer Scapa Exafit® flexographic tapes, which are based on this essential truth:

Reducing the number of process variables reduces the process variability.

Scapa Plate-Mounting Tapes: Making Print Come Alive

Scapa is a global supplier with more than 90 years of experience in producing adhesive tapes. Because you want simple solutions, not complex specs, their tapes meet virtually all of your printing needs with just five foam densities and two adhesive options.

The secret to simplicity? Scapa’s resilient foam that provides a stable platform and evens out variances in substrate thicknesses.

Because Scapa tapes perform well over a far broader range of printing variables than other brands, fewer are necessary to meet your needs.

Maybe it’s time to switch to the Swiss Army knife of flexographic print-mounting tapes rather than buying a different “tool” for every job.

Also, you’ll improve your process efficiency. You can quickly remove and reposition the liner, making it simple to eliminate bubbles. Plus, the tapes leave no residue.

Exafit Tape Poster


Exafit® covers it all on one side of a one-page download!

Fewer tapes. Faster processes.
Better results.

As application consultants, we’ll help you select the right plate mounting tape for your needs.

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