General Web Coating & Laminating General Web Coating & Laminating - Pressure sensitive tapes are a critical component for the efficient processing of production materials in web form. Common applications for tape in this environment include core start, splicing and roll tabbing. Selection of the proper tape requires intimate knowledge of its performance characteristics with regard to such elements...Read More
Printing & Finishing Printing & Finishing - The standard tape applications for web processing environments are further complicated by the presence of inks, various adhesives, release and other coatings in printing and finishing operations. Understanding how these elements will interact is necessary to select the right tape for the job. The mounting of flexographic print plates for use in process...Read More
Textiles Textiles - One of the more difficult tape applications in this environment is beaming of synthetic fibers. Denier and finish of the textiles are two of the critical elements that must be considered in selecting the correct adhesive to hold fast the fibers during the warping process. From greige goods to finished apparel, selection of the proper tape is essential to efficient processing and...Read More
Metal Finishing & Fabricating Metal Finishing & Fabricating - Common applications for pressure sensitive tape in this environment include roll tabbing and surface protection. The smooth and sometimes oily surfaces of metal products present demanding challenges for the application of tape. Holding the end of a metal coil requires a tape with specific tensile strength and adhesive formulation to grab the surface...Read More
Assembly & Manufacturing Assembly & Manufacturing - There are unlimited potential applications for pressure sensitive tapes in assembly manufacturing, from becoming an integral part of the finished product, to an essential part of the manufacturing process, or simply defining a work space. Tape is often used as a substitute for mechanical fasteners and the selection is generally based on properties such as...Read More
Masking Masking - Selecting the proper tape for masking applications requires a detailed understanding of the working environment in which the tape must perform. In a typical painting or powder coating application, factors such as staging time, cure process, temperature range and duration, UV exposure, and paint formulation will influence a masking tape's performance. Application and removal techniques...Read More
Packaging Packaging - Product packaging is an important element of a company's or brand's image. Selecting the proper packaging tape provides value well beyond a roll's cost. There are packaging tapes that are specifically engineered to address carton sealing issues such as over or under packed boxes, cold temperature or high moisture environments, protection against pilferage using...Read More