Application: Web Coating & Laminating

Pressure sensitive tapes are a critical component for the efficient processing of production materials in web form. Common applications for tape in this environment include core start, splicing and roll tabbing. Selection of the proper tape requires intimate knowledge of its performance characteristics with regard to such elements as the substrate it will be applied to, tension requirements, temperature variations and removability.

Applications and Requirements Products and Characteristics
Core Start - Removeable, Reusable, Permanent Double- or Single-Coated Tapes
Tabbing or Securing Overwrap Removable, Permanent, Stain-Resistant
Splicing - Overlap, Butt, Flying, and Zero Speed Quick Tack, Heat-Resistant, Detectable
Reduce Friction / Slip Surface Teflon® or UHMW for Heat and/or Slip
Splice Detection Colored or Metalized Carriers
Web Guidance and Traction Control Dimpled or Tackified