Application: Printing & Finishing

The standard tape applications for web processing environments are further complicated by the presence of inks, various adhesives, release and other coatings in printing and finishing operations. Understanding how these elements will interact is necessary to select the right tape for the job. The mounting of flexographic print plates for use in process, combination or solid printing is another critical application for pressure sensitive tape. Since print quality is directly related to the tape's performance, it is crucial to recognize the significance that factors such as plate type, mounting method, length of run and foam density have in the selection process. Common applications for tape in finishing operations include transfer and edge reinforcement tapes. Identifying the required functionality of adhesive transfer tapes involves careful consideration of features such as permanent or removable adhesives, flush cut or extended liners, tamper-proof or tamper-evident capabilities and methods of application that range from hand-held dispensers to automatic in-line or off-line equipment.

Applications and Requirements Products and Characteristics
Plate Mounting - Flexo & Rotary Letter Press Plate Mount Tapes: Cushion and Hard Back Double-Coated
Splicing - Zero Speed, Flying, Butt and Overlap Repulpable, Single- and Double-Coated (Film, Paper, Transfer)
Edge Reinforcement Long Length Narrow Film - Polyester, Polypropylene
Security Seal or Reclosable Seal or Flap Adhesive Transfer and Double-Coated with Extended Liner
Package Opening System Tear Strip Tape
Screen Printing Premask or Application Tape and Screen Block
Bindery, Finishing and Hot Stamping Teflon® and Premium Masking Tapes