Application: Packaging

Product packaging is an important element of a company's or brand's image. Selecting the proper packaging tape provides value well beyond a roll's cost. There are packaging tapes that are specifically engineered to address carton sealing issues such as over or under packed boxes, cold temperature or high moisture environments, protection against pilferage using tamper-proof or tamper-evident features and variations in corrugated box constructions. The application method selected for these products, from hand-held dispensers to automatic equipment, can be tailored to your specific operation in order to reduce labor costs. Strapping tapes and stretch film for palletizing or bundling applications are valuable tools in the universal effort to minimize product damage or loss in transit.

Applications and Requirements Products and Characteristics
Carton Sealing Water-Activated, Pressure-Sensitive
Reinforcement, Unitizing and Bundling Filament, Tensilized Polypropylene
Protection / Dunnage Protective Film, Paper, Cohesive
Securing Sub-assembly or Components Stain and Odorless Tapes
Semi-Automatic Case Sealing Case Sealers and Erectors
Stretch Wrap Machine- and Hand-Grade Film
Packing List and Label Proteciton Packing List, Pouch Tape