Application: Metal Finishing & Fabricating

Common applications for pressure sensitive tape in this environment include roll tabbing and surface protection. The smooth and sometimes oily surfaces of metal products present demanding challenges for the application of tape. Holding the end of a metal coil requires a tape with specific tensile strength and adhesive formulation to grab the surface. Protecting a brightly polished brass blank without staining the finish demands a removable adhesive that leaves no residue. There are no "one-tape-fits-all" answers in this category.

Applications and Requirements Products and Characteristics
Tabbing and Core Start Filament and Tensilized Polypropylene
Surface Protection Film or Paper
Masking for Painting or Finishing / Plating Premium Paper, Vinyl / Electroplater, Foil
Splicing Premium D/C or Reinforced Single-Coated
Product Identification Paint Markers or Printable Tape
Alternate to Mechanical Clamps for Fixturing Double-Coated and Differential Adhesives