Application: Masking

Selecting the proper tape for masking applications requires a detailed understanding of the working environment in which the tape must perform. In a typical painting or powder coating application, factors such as staging time, cure process, temperature range and duration, UV exposure, and paint formulation will influence a masking tape's performance. Application and removal techniques are also important considerations in the tape selection process.

Applications and Requirements Products and Characteristics
Industrial Painting Both Oven and Air Dry Paper, Film, Vinyl
Electroplating and Polishing Vinyl, Foil, Polyester
Composites Including Bagging Teflon®, Polyester Tapes and Porous Fabric/Bleeder Cloth
Powder Coat Polyester and Premium Paper
Circuit Board Including Fume Protection Polyester with Silicone Adhesive
Screen Print Block Out Tape Vinyl Screen Mask or Solvent Resistant Tape
Protective for Finished or Work in Process Paper or Film Including Cohesive Products