Application: Assembly Manufacturing

There are unlimited potential applications for pressure sensitive tapes in assembly manufacturing, from becoming an integral part of the finished product, to an essential part of the manufacturing process, or simply defining a work space. Tape is often used as a substitute for mechanical fasteners and the selection is generally based on properties such as permanent or removable adhesive, vibration or sound dampening attributes, electrical conductive properties of the adhesive or foils and colors for coding, line marking or hazard protection. Teflon coated tapes that resist heat and reduce friction are cost effective solutions in many production environments.

Applications and Requirements Products and Characteristics
Non-Mechanical Fasteners VHB®, Double-Coated, Adhesives
Gasketing Double-Coated & Single-Coated Foam
Board Insertion Spooled Sequencing Tape
Fixturing Double-Coated
Color Coding Vinyl, Paper, Film
Surface Protection / Sub-Assembly Packaging Protective, UHMW, Teflon®
EMI / RFI Shields Converted Parts - Die-Cut and Close Tolerance Sitting
Converted Parts or Dispensing Pieces of Tape Conductive / Non-Conducive Adhesive
Vinyl Window Miter Welding Abrasion Resistant TFE
Extruders Double-Coated Tapes