Englewood Company, Inc.

Industrial Tape Specialists

With more than 55 years of service in the industry, The Englewood Company is a major supplier and converter of pressure sensitive tapes, labels, and packaging systems. We have a team of professionals who can evaluate the specific requirements of any application and recommend the appropriate solution at a competitive price.

The Best Price on the Wrong Tape Could Cost You a Lot of Money

Today's economic environment of relentless price increases for the materials and services that are the life blood of every business operation requires that companies purge excess costs. It is the only way to maintain the long-term profitability that insures survival.

We make it our business to help companies that are determined to improve productivity, reduce waste and control expenses. Simply lowering your cost of pressure sensitive tape may not always result in overall cost savings if you are using the wrong tape. Our qualified staff has the application oriented experience to help you identify real cost saving opportunities and successfully implement effective solutions.

We Have the Tape Solution for Any Application

Since there are thousands of ways that pressure sensitive tape can be used, only a representative sample of applications and products are presented on the following pages. Give us the opportunity to discuss your particular application and we will help you identify the right tape for the job.